March 22—in review

I only read two books this month. 

Well, I should say I only finished two books. I read a ton this month, but there were only two books that I started and finished and read cover to cover.

One was a solid 3 stars (I liked it, it was fine), and Vladimir was my 5-star read. It’s definitely not for everyone; the voice took me a minute to get into, but once I was into it, I was into it. The narrator is unnamed (like Rebecca) and is so delightfully snarky and has opinions on everyone and their mother. Julia May Jones was somehow able to write a book where zero of the characters are “likeable,” but nevertheless incredibly compelling.

Jones uses a couple elements I don’t normally like in a novel, but they worked here. I don’t prefer first person. The voice is usually grating, but this one felt easy, like slipping into an old skin. And there’s a lot of stream of consciousness-type narration, which I have very little patience for, but, again, this felt so easy to slip into. This is a big “personal taste” book, but I loved it. It’s timely and satirical (I think, lol) and so voicey. 

Other reading I’ve done this month: I beta read a novel for a friend, I’ve taken on two mentees as part of TDWS’s Coach Hunt program, so I’ve been reading their work, and I’m still working through my Author Accelerator Book Coaching program, which includes working with practice clients.

I also started my new novel project, so I’ve been in this feverish development/brainstorming phase for a few weeks. I’ve noticed it’s difficult to get in the right head space to read for fun when all my brain wants to do is figure out who my next protagonist is. So, I’ve been spending my usual reading time doing research instead, which involves a lot of skimming and note taking; more analyzing others’ work than enjoying it. 

I’ve started reading a couple books for fun this week that are really good so far, so hopefully they’ll make it onto April’s list!

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