Carmen Catena is an award-winning writer,
an educator, and a fiction editor + story coach

Hi! I’m Carmen.

I’m a multi-genre writer and reader, educator and editor, and lifelong learner. I begged my mom to teach me to read at age 4 and haven’t stopped devouring books since.

I’ve just started working on my second novel, a timeslip Gothic romance influenced by US history. You can check out my published short stories here.

I’m also an Editorial Arts Academy-trained developmental editor of fiction, an Author Accelerator book coach-in-training, and an MFA candidate. As a certified teacher, I have years of experience giving feedback meant to improve both your craft and your confidence, and I approach all of my services with a collaborative, constructive mindset.

I’ve lived in 18 places in 34 years and am now based in Germany with my husband and son. I hold graduate degrees in history and in education, and I love hiking, photography, and discovering new coffee shops.