Manuscript Wishlist

I’m currently open to the following genres:

  • Gothic horror + romance
  • Romance
    • Rom-com
    • Contemporary
    • select historical
    • any heat level (but no erotica)
  • Women’s Fiction
  • Upmarket/book club fiction
  • select Historical Fiction
  • select Fantasy
  • genre blends (contact me with your specifics for more info on this!)

In particular, if your manuscript has any of the following, I definitely want to hear from you:

  • friends-to-lovers
  • enemies/rivals-to-lovers
  • elements of mystery and/or suspense
  • 20th century historical settings *other than* the World Wars, from the US/western perspective (nothing wrong with these, there are just a lot of them. I want to read something fresh!)
  • mental illness rep
  • dark academia
  • sentient nature
  • hauntings
  • themes of identity, belonging, motherhood, and love


Please do not inquire with manuscripts that have any of the following:

  • Harm/abuse of ANY kind to children
  • Extreme gore/violence
  • Erotica
  • Any of the -ists (misogynist, racist, etc.), from the -ist POV: I just won’t work with it, and I will call it out.

Have questions? Not sure about your genre? Ready to work together?