Have you always wanted to write a novel, but have no idea how to start?

Have you started your novel but are stuck in the middle and can’t see your way out?

Have you finished the first draft of your novel (congrats!!) but don’t know how to approach revisions?

Coaching can help with all three.

I provide accountability, feedback, and craft tips as you draft and/or revise your novel.

Coaching packages start at $125 per session. Book a free consultation now to tell me more about your project and get a custom quote!

GMC Special ($25 for a limited time!)

Struggling with character development? Getting feedback that your protagonist is flat/”unlikeable”? It could be a GMC problem. Book a 60-minute call and we’ll talk through goals, motivations, and conflicts—both external and internal—to help you create the most compelling character for your story.

*if none of the available consultation times work for you, please reach out via my Contact page!